How does the UK compare to other countries in coverage of ‘undocumented migrants’?

In the same way as the NHS always did until recent years, many other countries provide universal health care access which specifically includes undocumented migrants. Even countries that have taken the current path of the UK in restricting access to undocumented migrants usually still provide free care to undocumented pregnant women and children, unlike the UK which for example charges approximately £6700 for normal antenatal care and delivery.

Just a few examples…

France is perhaps the most comparable country to the UK, based on size, economy, colonial history and undocumented migrant population (they are thought to have more) – They provide free care to any undocumented migrant in the country longer than 3 months, and at anytime for pregnant women and children, under the ‘State Medical Aid’ program (Aide Médicale de l’Etat).

In spain, regressive legislation was introduced to restrict access to healthcare for undocumented migrants, but was overturned, partly by pressure from health workers. 

Even middle income countries, such as Thailand offer free access to their health system for undocumented migrants, despite having far higher numbers of undocumented migrants than the UK.

Pregnant women

Country Cost (for non-EEA category undocumented migrants)
UK £6,700 (approx)
France Free
Belgium Free
Spain Free
Italy Free
Portugal Free
Etc   Etc