Probably Asked Questions

Some potentially asked questions about the ‘Returning Honours’ Campaign

I quite like my medal/honour, and I like the idea of people in the future hearing about how I won a medal/honour for my work.

People will not only hear about our work that got us the award, but also about how we used our awards to stand up for our patients at home and generally take a stance against dehumanising politics and discourse around migrants and refugees.   

Also, we still got a medal.   

Haven’t people heard enough about health-workers protesting etc ?

This is entirely different. This time we are sticking up for our patients. So far, healthworkers (in particular doctors) have been pretty fierce about sticking up for themselves. We can show that healthworkers can stick up for patients too. People may respect this different side to us. 

Are we saying that nobody ‘visiting’ the UK should ever pay for treatment?

Many do argue for this, with a strong argument that charging in general doesn’t actually generate significant income and causes more harm. We are asking for the current charging system to be suspended pending an independent public health impact assessment. 

Can we use the campaign to fight other issues such as privatization etc

Campaigns tend to be more effective if there is a simple message. So introducing other aspects will likely water it down. It is true that the system of upfront charging may also be a way of introducing privatization and upfront charging for other groups, not just migrants, and many are concerned about this, but we are sticking to areas where we have actual proof of harm already, rather than suspicion.

Are we the only people campaigning on this issue ? is this a ‘fringe idea’

No! 193 organisations signed a letter in October last year asking the government not to introduce the upfront charging system, because of the obvious effects, but the regulations went ahead nonetheless. 

See letter

Will doing this actually make a difference?

We don’t know, but doing nothing won’t.

Is this just a politically partisan, ‘anti-conservative’ movement

No, all parties have failed to prevent the policies and adequately highlight the negative effects. This is strictly non-partisan